my 2018 christmas was quite different, not least because it was spent on an island in hong kong + i was wearing a sleeveless top on christmas day. if you've been following me on instagram (shameless plug: @byheathersham), you must've seen all my foodie stories the last month because, well, i had literally been eating my way through december.

there's still so many photos to edit + posts to write about my travels around hong kong as it was truly an eye opening experience being back in the motherland after 12 years. but i really wanted to get out the all-important xmas post first because christmas is the best, right?! (and also bc january killed them vibez)

christmas day was spent with my family + our family friends, anita and her adorable daughter, heiyan. we took a boat out in the morning (as you do) + after an hour or so of rocking in the waves, we arrived at the beautiful cheung chau island. i was told the island is shaped like a dumbell, and it is in fact so small that the only mode of transport is by foot or by bike.

there was no such thing as christmas lunch or dinner that day, but we did have a christmas buffet sweeping up all the street food - fish balls, potato snacks, matcha lava cake, fried ice cream, giant mango mochi, red bean cake, and egg tarts, just to name a few.

to commemorate this special day, i got a souvenir made for my sister + i. we stopped by at a shop where a man engraved our chinese names onto a minuscule grain of rice + turned it into a keychain. needless to say, this was christmas done right without all the crackers, carols nor presents. all you need is good food + good company.

-heather sham

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