when king texted me THE message about his plans to propose to jess + for me to be present on that day, i was literally at the airport waiting for a flight to perugia (italy) in my tshirt + shorts. a few months flew by + here i was shooting the engagement of these two amazing people whilst wrapped up in no less than five layers. there is something about this manchester-ian air that is so brisky-cold + dare i say, refreshing (it's further north than london, duh heather).

i knew jess + king from church; king being 'the guy on the guitar', and jess 'the cool girl who plays bass'. these two are also considered 'one up' from my generation of sunday school so if you ask me, it's a pretty big deal that they're now engaged (it basically means we're officially adults).

originally, the idea of shooting in the winter haunted me just ever so slightly because i've always loved the blue sky + lush wild greens in my work. so come january, i was hoping my photos could still convey the joyous love + emotions of two people against barren ROLL ONNN these extremely fun lovebirds, jess + king, who literally had no fear of the cold. they weren't afraid to strip back their coats + prance around the winter air, still giggling away. in fact, their laughter + the moody sky is what makes this set of photos so darn warm and cosy.

ok, enough of the weather talk. but seriously guys, thank you for inviting me along to witness this special milestone in your lives - this is what i truly, truly, love about my job. and this includes lying about needing the toilet so we could follow you guys to take reaction pics of jess at your surprise engagement dinner. but that's a story for another day.

-heather sham

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