i don't know if i've mentioned this before, but storyigami was the first time i ever did a product shoot, which is why it holds such a special place in my photography journey (and bc tina is also an amazing human being duh). shooting with tina is always so special bc we get to be MAD CREATIVE. we took my beautiful monstera plant + shot with and around it, as natural elements were something tina really wanted to incorporate in her origami aesthetics.

this particular shoot was also real special not least bc i got to involve skye as a star model. we went to secondary school together (back in the ages ha) + now she is living her best life with her adorable babe reggie, who also came along to steal our hearts. we whizzed through shooting with all the pieces whilst loksze entertained reggie next door with some play doh. it is also important to note that we ate pizza together for lunch + it was amazing.

thank you once again, tina, for involving me in your amazing projects! and skye + reg, you guys rock.

be sure to check out tina's origami earrings on her website she's just released some special edition chinese new year ones + they are pretty mad.

-heather sham

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